Detour - Sylvie Kurtz

[PDF] Detour

By Sylvie Kurtz

  • Release Date: 2020-02-10
  • Genre: Suspense

Detour By Sylvie Kurtz Description

[PDF] Detour By Sylvie Kurtz. Six months after dying, private investigator Sierra Martindale is back at her job--with a brand-new heart and an unwelcome aversion to risk. Now all her instincts tell her that her donor's death is no accident.

The last thing Wyatt James needs a year after burying his wife is a stranger telling him Sofia was murdered. He doesn't believe the woman who has his wife's heart, but if he doesn't work with Sierra, she could jeopardize the precious gift his wife gave her.

Unfortunately, the secret involves the military, the defense industry, and pilots--including Wyatt's sister. No one wants the secret to come out, except Sofia.

Every step forward in the investigation forces Sierra into greater danger—and into the arms of Wyatt, the widower who loved Sofia and lost her.