Red Thunder Reckoning - Sylvie Kurtz

[PDF] Red Thunder Reckoning

By Sylvie Kurtz

  • Release Date: 2019-12-16
  • Genre: Suspense

Red Thunder Reckoning By Sylvie Kurtz Description

[PDF] Red Thunder Reckoning By Sylvie Kurtz. When the Red Thunder River spat him out fifteen years ago, broken and battered, he started over with a new name and a new face. But now he must return home, without anyone recognizing him.

Fifteen years after he started his life over, Kevin discovers that Ellen Paxton, the woman his heart refuses to forget, is in trouble. For Ellen's sake, Kevin must make things right. His face is different enough to mask his identity, but can he hide the love still in his heart?

Ellen's past has made her determined to stand on her own two feet and protect those who don't have a voice—like the abused horses recovering on her small ranch. But when accidents start to endanger her horses, she knows she must put their need for protection ahead of her need for independence.

And the stranger with the scarred face and scarred dog seems to need a job as much as she needs an extra pair of hands. But there's something about him that makes her heart ache in a way it hasn't since Kyle drowned in the Red Thunder River. Can she protect both her horses and her heart?