Blackmailed Bride - Sylvie Kurtz

[PDF] Blackmailed Bride

By Sylvie Kurtz

  • Release Date: 2019-07-01
  • Genre: Suspense

Blackmailed Bride By Sylvie Kurtz Description

[PDF] Blackmailed Bride By Sylvie Kurtz. In this gripping romantic suspense fraught with danger and enigma, a desperate man has no choice but to blackmail his bride.

When Dr. Jonas Shades's wife vanishes one winter night, he frantically searches for her, but uncovers not one trace of where she might have gone.

He needs her by his side at the old monastery they call home. The family lawyer is due to arrive with the keys to her inheritance. With her gone, funding for his critical research into a deadly genetic disease is at stake.

When antiques dealer Cathlynn O'Connell walks into the auction at the monastery, she finds precious family heirloom she's been seeking--and more.

Jonas recognizes the fever in her golden tiger's eyes, so like his missing wife's, as she holds an old glass sculpture. And he forms a plan where they both can get what matters most.

Cathlynn is shocked Jonas wants her to impersonate his missing wife for two weeks just so she can return the Aidan Heart to her dying grandmother.

Knowing the heirloom means to her grandmother, Cathlynn reluctantly settles into her role. But can't help investigate her missing double's life. She discovers a past that could destroy her future and Jonas's.

Meanwhile, a ruthless killer seems determined to sabotage Jonas's research and make Cathlynn vanish—all in the name of revenge.

And as suspicion about Jonas's motives grow and Cathlynn's role playing shows cracks, Jonas and Cathlynn must learn to trust each other to survive.

Her life is on the line, but what Cathlynn fears most is losing her heart to the husband who can never be hers.