Alyssa Again - Sylvie Kurtz

[PDF] Alyssa Again

By Sylvie Kurtz

  • Release Date: 2019-07-29
  • Genre: Suspense

Alyssa Again By Sylvie Kurtz Description

[PDF] Alyssa Again By Sylvie Kurtz. Her long-lost twin lies in a coma, stalked by a revenge-obsessed murderer. Can she find the stalker before it's too late?

Kindergarten teacher Brooke Snowden must step into her twin sister's scuffed shoes to flush out the stalker who wants Alyssa dead.

Small-town policeman, Jack Chessman feels a duty to protect beautiful and reckless Brooke when she lays out her plan to impersonate Alyssa to find her would-be killer.

He has one condition. They have to pretend to be engaged so he can stay close and protect her.

Brooke didn't anticipate her dangerous attraction to the one man she can't have.

But while his affection for Alyssa has never gone beyond brotherly, his feelings for pretend fiancée Brooke are of the forever kind.

But first, he has to keep her alive.