Ms. Longshot - Sylvie Kurtz

[PDF] Ms. Longshot

By Sylvie Kurtz

  • Release Date: 2005-12-01
  • Genre: Romance

Ms. Longshot By Sylvie Kurtz Description

[PDF] Ms. Longshot By Sylvie Kurtz. Madison. Becca. Porsche. Alexa. Vanessa. Chloe.

The It Girls

They're rich, fabulous...and dangerously underestimated.

It Girl: Alexa Cheltingham

Mission: Pose as a grubby groom to catch a horse killer and
protect the show-jumping daughter of the mayor of New York.

A Cheltingham shoveling horse manure — what would Mother think? That
was my first reaction when the Gotham Rose spy ring handed me this
riches-to-rags assignment. But the country's top show horses were dying
suspiciously and the Roses trusted me to catch the killer. My old leg injury wouldn't stand in my way, not by a longshot. I'd muck stalls and uncover
the dirty secrets of the equine world's bigwigs, then clean up in time to
host the Horses of Hope charity ball. Speaking of the ball, I'd love to have
charmer Ross Hardel for my date...too bad he's my prime suspect.