Business Analytics, Volume I - Dr. Amar Sahay PhD

[PDF] Business Analytics, Volume I

By Dr. Amar Sahay PhD

  • Release Date: 2018-08-23
  • Genre: Economía

Business Analytics, Volume I By Dr. Amar Sahay PhD Description

[PDF] Business Analytics, Volume I By Dr. Amar Sahay PhD. Business Analytics: A Data-Driven Decision Making Approach for Business-Part I,/i> provides an overview of business analytics (BA), business intelligence (BI), and the role and importance of these in the modern business decision-making.
The book discusses all these areas along with three main analytics categories: (1) descriptive, (2) predictive, and (3) prescriptive analytics with their tools and applications in business. This volume focuses on descriptive analytics that involves the use of descriptive and visual or graphical methods, numerical methods, as well as data analysis tools, big data applications, and the use of data dashboards to understand business performance.

The highlights of this volume are: Business analytics at a glance; Business intelligence (BI), data analytics; Data, data types, descriptive analytics; Data visualization tools; Data visualization with big data; Descriptive analytics-numerical methods; Case analysis with computer applications.