Snow Angel - JJ Marsh

[PDF] Snow Angel

By JJ Marsh

  • Release Date: 2018-11-16
  • Genre: Crime & Thrillers

Snow Angel By JJ Marsh Description

[PDF] Snow Angel By JJ Marsh. British crime fiction where characters become people and place is part of the story.

Love is a driving passion.

So is hate.

December in a small Devonshire village is the perfect time for a Yuletide fête, a wedding or a murder.

Now retired, Beatrice Stubbs is busy with wedding preparations. Not for herself – co-habiting with Matthew is as far as she's prepared to commit – but Adrian and Will are getting married. She's Chief Bridesmaid and the theme is Narnia.

When a local celebrity dies in suspicious circumstances, Matthew encourages Beatrice to do a little private investigating. Her enquiries turn up more than predicted and she discovers her nearest and dearest are capable of deceit.

A snowstorm hits the village and Beatrice chases a lead, throwing everyone's plans into disarray and threatening lives. Ancient forests conceal a complex web of connections and loyalties, false reputations and poison.

Each book of the Beatrice Stubbs Series works stand-alone.

If you enjoy PD James, LJ Ross and Agatha Christie, you'll love Snow Angel.