American Nightmare - T.K. Murphy

[PDF] American Nightmare

By T.K. Murphy

  • Release Date: 2011-04-18
  • Genre: Krimis und Thriller

American Nightmare By T.K. Murphy Description

[PDF] American Nightmare By T.K. Murphy. Robert Malcolm Jr. was the typical American , living the American dream. A self made man, who had pulled himself up and had reached a very comfortable position, Bob was also the nicest person you could meet. Then things go horribly wrong. Bob gets a divorce, loses his job and the American dream turns into the nightmare. With nothing to hold his belief system intact and with no one to turn to, Bob slowly becomes unglued. Bob was always the nice guy and always did the right thing, even if it hurt him.

But sometimes, life throws at you circumstances that are beyond your control. Circumstances, that all your belief systems cannot explain away. Bob was faced with such circumstances and being Mr. Nice guy did not help him in any way. All the stress bottled in, finally surface, transforming Bob into a very dangerous and disturbed individual.