Thrill Me - Reiko Kishida

[PDF] Thrill Me

By Reiko Kishida

  • Release Date: 2017-11-13
  • Genre: Frauen

Thrill Me By Reiko Kishida Description

[PDF] Thrill Me By Reiko Kishida. Accused of being boring when she was dumped by her boyfriend, May decided to prove the world wrong by accepting a rich man’s invitation to stay in a luxurious Manhattan hotel for five nights! But in the end, he never showed up. She came all the way to New York…only to be alone? The despairing May is encouraged by a friend to go on an adventure, so once May has bolstered her courage, she puts on high heels, goes into a fashionable bar and pretends to be a completely different person, cool and urbane. There she meets local author Beck Desmond. It’s decided—this plain country flower is going to become a bright city light!