Honky-Tonk Cinderella - Chikae Ide

[PDF] Honky-Tonk Cinderella

By Chikae Ide

  • Release Date: 2017-03-08
  • Genre: Frauen

Honky-Tonk Cinderella By Chikae Ide Description

[PDF] Honky-Tonk Cinderella By Chikae Ide. Jeff, a world-class racer, died in an accident, leaving his wife, Luanne, behind… A small hand reaches out to comfort the despair-stricken Luanne. Her young yet wise firstborn son, Chase, is not actually Jeff’s son. He’s the son of Alek, Prince of Carpathia, the only man Luanne ever loved. But Alek cruelly abandoned Luanne, and since then she’s been nursing her resentment  and stifling her irrepressible love for him. Now Alek has suddenly appeared before her—he wants to take his son and make him the heir to the throne!