A New Approach to Mental Health - Hugh Macnab

[PDF] A New Approach to Mental Health

By Hugh Macnab

  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Genre: Medicina

A New Approach to Mental Health By Hugh Macnab Description

[PDF] A New Approach to Mental Health By Hugh Macnab. Traditional approaches to the most common Mental Health conditions treat the symptoms, not the cause. In this book, not only do I explain what is causing many of the most common conditions, but I also explain how to recover quickly and effectively - without even talking to anyone. The techniques I reveal will not work for everyone, but they will for most people. In my experience, the vast majority of people diagnosed with a Mental Health condition are actually suffering from emotional distress which is a perfectly normal Human reaction to some forrm of stress. This stress will either relate to some past event, or perhaps to present life difficulties, or again, maybe some of both. Regardless, the explanations and solutions in this book will help virtually everyone, and in some cases, completely eliminate troublesome symptoms. The conditions discussed include 'relationship issues', 'work-related stress', 'suicidal thinking and self-harm', 'coping with children', 'surgery', 'sexual abuse', 'anger', 'social fear' and many others.