Get Lucky - Hugh Macnab

[PDF] Get Lucky

By Hugh Macnab

  • Release Date: 2012-01-31
  • Genre: Contemporáneo

Get Lucky By Hugh Macnab Description

[PDF] Get Lucky By Hugh Macnab. A fast-moving satirical fantasy. While setting out to buy a carton of milk, Shylock Winston III finds himself in an altogether different kind of shop from the one he intended - a shop called Get Lucky - not only in another dimension, but another time. Unable to return to his own place and time, Shylock enlists the help of the proprietor, Bb - a hovering, vertically challenged, cyclopean, warty-nosed, buck-toothed obaloid – to help find his way home, and so starts an incredible epic journey through time and space. Before their journey is complete, annihilation of the Human race is avoided, Beelzebub is promoted and Time is brought back from retirement, even the Elephants end up happy.