The Purple Land - William Henry Hudson

[PDF] The Purple Land

By William Henry Hudson

  • Release Date: 1885-01-01
  • Genre: Acción y aventura

The Purple Land By William Henry Hudson Description

[PDF] The Purple Land By William Henry Hudson. The Purple Land is a novel set in 19th century Uruguay by William Henry Hudson. The novel tells the story of Richard Lamb, a young Englishman who marries a teenage Argentinian girl, Paquita, without asking her father's permission, and is forced to flee to Montevideo, Uruguay with his bride. Lamb leaves his young wife with a relative while he sets off for eastern Uruguay to find work for himself. He soon becomes embroiled in adventures with the Uruguayan gauchos and romances with local women. Lamb unknowingly helps a rebel guerrilla general, Santa Coloma, escape from prison and joins his cause. However, the rebels are defeated in battle and Lamb has to flee in disguise. He helps Demetria, the daughter of an old rebel leader, escape from her persecutors and returns to Montevideo. Lamb, Paquita, Demetria and Santa Coloma evade their government pursuers by slipping away on a boat bound for Buenos Aires.