[PDF] "GreenCapitalism!" How it can save our planet.

By keith mcilroy

  • Release Date: 2011-07-19
  • Genre: Finanzas

"GreenCapitalism!" How it can save our planet. By keith mcilroy Description

[PDF] "GreenCapitalism!" How it can save our planet. By keith mcilroy. In the last 12 years the global economy has doubled to US $70 Trillion.

During that same time oil is close to peaking, fresh water demand has ballooned, waste mountains have piled up and greenhouse gases have driven changes to our climate. If we continue at that growth rate the global economy will be US $700 Trillion per annum by 2050 and over US $11,000 Trillion by the end of this century. Can we have a global economy 160 times bigger than today?

The pessimists' view is that we cannot. We will consume and pollute ourselves to a life of meagre subsistence - "Living in caves and eating moss".

The optimists' view is that new forms of energy and new technologies will enable us to continue to grow for ever without limit. "Technology will solve the problem".

The reality is, of course, somewhere between the two.

That 'somewhere' I call GreenCapitalism. 'Capitalism' because that really is the only economic game in town. 'Green' because that is the only long term future for us.

This book will help you understand why, when and how green capitalism will impact on you. It will explain the good and the bad of our current economic model, what impact future economic growth will have on our planet and what we need to put into place for our economy to become truly sustainable.