Temptation at Dawn - Kristel Ralston

[PDF] Temptation at Dawn

By Kristel Ralston

  • Release Date: 2019-07-26
  • Genre: Contemporáneo

Temptation at Dawn By Kristel Ralston Description

[PDF] Temptation at Dawn By Kristel Ralston. After six years, the effect that Rohan Carter has on Mitsy Hammonds continues to be devastating. It is not just the undeniable chemistry that electrifies the air when both are in the same physical space, but the scars of the past that they share.

Mitsy knows that Rohan has a charming side that contrasts with the inaccessible cowboy attitude he shows to others. However, for her, there is only hostility. The verbal encounters between the two leave her exhausted, frustrated, but also enraged at not being able to forget it. In the middle of a delicate family situation, a creative career in suspense, and a newly signed divorce, Mitsy will do everything possible to prevent Rohan from breaking her heart again. It will not be a simple task, but who can blame her for trying?

Rohan refuses to let himself be carried away by the spell that Mitsy continues to exert on him, so keeping the distance is the most coherent, although his body seems to have a different opinion when she is around. Between the efforts to keep his ranch safe, an unusual demand that puts his life upside down and a feeling that he believed was forever extinct, Rohan will test his persuasive ability to avoid the only possibility of being happy slip away.