Getting Started in: Webinars for Profits - Jenice Adams

[PDF] Getting Started in: Webinars for Profits

By Jenice Adams

  • Release Date: 2018-12-13
  • Genre: Internet

Getting Started in: Webinars for Profits By Jenice Adams Description

[PDF] Getting Started in: Webinars for Profits By Jenice Adams. Thank you for your interest in this book.  The "Getting Started in" series, is a series of books designed to help you get the foundation about a subject matter.  Time is one of our most precious resources and as such it does not comeback, for that reason the Jenice Adams created this series.  It is a series of small quick and easy to read and understand books, designed to give you a quick idea on a subject.  Instead of spending a lot of time and money on a subject to find out that it is not what you expected, this series allows you to get a quick overview, without spending a lot of time or money.  If you find that it is a subject of interest you can invest more time and/or money in the subject.  

This book is titled "Getting Started in: Webinars for Profits" and covers:

Pre-Requisites Required to Host a Successful Webinar 

Picking a Niche and Selecting Your Topic
Step One: Know Your Niche
Step Two: Decide What People Want to Know
Step Three: Decide What You Are Good at
Step Four: Build up your Expertise
Step Five: Publish Your Expertise & Promote Yourself

Advertising & Promotion

Getting Your Presentation Ready
Step One: Choose your Topic
Step Two: Begin Promoting Your Webinar Months in Advance
Step Three: Write a Script
Step Four: Prepare Your Slides
Step Five: Determine if You Need Other Multimedia
Step Six: Practice Your Presentation
Step Seven: Do a Dress Rehearsal
Step Eight: Start Your Presentation Early

And More...

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