The NEW Power of Face Reading - Rose Rosetree

[PDF] The NEW Power of Face Reading

By Rose Rosetree

  • Release Date: 2015-08-26
  • Genre: Espiritualidad

The NEW Power of Face Reading By Rose Rosetree Description

[PDF] The NEW Power of Face Reading By Rose Rosetree. Enjoy this super-practical, accurate way to learn about character through the face. Rose Rosetree's trademarked system, Face Reading Secrets®, is taught in a fully updated new format, reflecting decades of teaching physiognomy worldwide. This self-study manual can help readers with personal relationships, communication, self-growth, success, career, sales.

Open your heart with Rose Rosetree's distinctive system of Face Reading Secrets®. Her update of the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy can help you to communicate better, become more persuasive, make more friends. And did we mention have more fun?

Let Rosetree take you on a wild and joyous ride around face parts you may never have noticed before, like ear position and nostril shape. Comes complete with a handy Face Reader's Guide, plus: A new, sequenced teaching method will help you to develop great skills easily. Appreciate ways that your face is perfect, just as it is, right now. Meet a wacky cast of characters who make face data come alive. Photos are easy to access, with clear examples of "VERYS." Loaded with practical examples, humor, and passion for learning the truth about people. Discover facial anchors, major compassion awakeners, and more leading-edge discoveries from America's most experienced physiognomist. It's the definitive face reading manual for today's Power-Packed Face Readers!