Wooden Deck Cleaning PART 2 Oxalic Acid, The Truth, How To DIY Brighten Lighten Savogran

Part 2 Oxalic Acid and Sodium Percarbonate. Those are the answers you are looking for about to how to clean and brighten your wooden deck without using harsh chlorine bleach or other toxic chemical.

USE SODIUM PERCARBONATE to clean the wood and OXALIC ACID to Brighten / Lighten the wood.

Be sure to do a test on small areas before treating your whole deck.

I made these 2 videos because I could not find simple answers of what to use or how to use them.

I might have purchased one of the toxic name brand “spray-on spray-off” cleaners but EVERY SINGLE ONE has so many horrible reviews. There was no way I would use any of them. Seriously, go read some reviews of the “big name” deck cleaners. There is a lot of hate for every brand name deck cleaner.

I also looked at a lot of video about how to clean decks and too many videos say use chlorine. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH ON WOOD!! Look it up if to double check that fact.

A garden hose works fine, but If you want to use a pressure washer be careful to not use too much pressure.

The bottom line is this. I did no maintenance or treatment on my deck shown in this video for about 10 years, but when I had to rebuild a section the new wood on the rebuilt part made the old wood of the deck look pretty bad.

I looked high and low online and in big box stores to find out the best product to use. The big box stores sell only 1 or 2 brand named, over priced, toxic products which are actually bad for your deck wood in the long run. I asked the store employees and they were clueless as they pointed to the premixed toxic chemical spray-on spray-off deck cleaners.

Those toxic products may be easier to use than what I show in the video, but what I show will cost you less money is better for your deck wood, better for plants, better for animals and better your body.

After walking out of the big box stores empty handed I did some more research and then went back only to be disappointed that the big box stores do not sell raw Sodium Percarbonate or Oxalic Acid. But I kept looking and found some at a small local hardware store ( you can also find some online) for $9.00. I used $8.00 worth of OxiClean and spent $1.00 for the strainer filter.

In the end I spent less than 20 Dollars and used cleaners which are supposedly not harmful to the environment.

For the record so far I am still not being compensated in any way for making my videos or showing any products in my videos. If you see a brand name it is because I like it, not because I am paid to show it.

I am making and posting these videos to help give people idea on how to do things.

My objective is to point you in the right direction and then you do some more research to confirm what you learned is correct.

Do this for everything, be responsible for your self and your actions. If you use information learned online without double checking and your stuff explodes it is your own fault.

I only show you what worked great for me. The evidence in is the video.

There will be no “short versions” of these 2 videos. There is too much to show and I cut out and speeded up a lot of footage to come in under the 15 minute limit. Also I figure that if someone does not want to spend 15 minutes watching a video which took me hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of my personal to capture and then edit… then they probably wont really be taking the time to clean their own deck.

I wish I could have found my videos without spending 5-10 hours figuring all of this out.


I did a test and made video https://youtu.be/us2bumUwguM me testing Sodium Percarbonate on a piece of wood before using it on a large area.

You should do this test before jumping in the deep end

Short version of test https://youtu.be/us2bumUwguM

Long version of that test https://youtu.be/i9hkqdllzx4

Tips- Do not mix your cleaner in the sprayer. Mix in a separate bucket then use a strainer as you dump them into the sprayer.

Wear old shoes and clothes for this work. Wear protective glasses and a respirator if you need to.

Do not let the cleaner dry on the deck (esp on hot days) as they soak, keep some mix in reserve to keep the wood wet.

Use watch to time how long the cleaners have been on before rinsing off.

Rinse the cleaners off more than you think you should. Spray water with the grain. Spray water against the grain. Spray water across the grain.



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