Wind turbines could power Scottish smelter and steel plants

Up to 54 new wind turbines are set to be installed in the Scottish Highlands by the owners of the UK’s last aluminium smelter. 

Renewable energy generated from the Scottish wind farm, proposed by GFG Alliance, will power the infrastructure group’s Lochaber Smelter near Fort William, from the nearby location of Glenshero.

The proposed scheme will also provide electricity for Liberty’s Dalzell steel mills in Motherwell, which forms part of the GFG Alliance group.

Steel required for some elements of the planned wind turbines may be produced locally at the Motherwell steel plant.

GFG Alliance says housing and accommodation for visitors in the Highlands location are part of the £170m investment programme. It will now proceed with a public consultation with the local community.

GFG added that it will consider offering local residents shared ownership into projects at Glenshero and discounts on energy bills for residents living in the vicinity of the windfarm.

Jay Hambro, GFG’s chief investment officer, said the proposed wind farm is a “win-win project” offering clean energy to supply the Scottish metals industry.

On Tuesday, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s unveiled plans for clean energy investment in Scotland, including a bottle deposit scheme.

“We live in a time of unprecedented global challenge and change”, the First Minister said.

“We face rapid advances in technology [and have] a moral obligation to tackle climate change”.

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