The New Nest Cam Can Keep Your Home Safe

For 24/7 security, Nest Cam will be there every hour of the day. With a camera cost of $199.00 dollars and subscriptions for a 10 day video history at $100 dollars, or a 30 day video history at $300 dollars, you can choose the package that best works for you.

The Nest Cam Advantage

The Nest Cam is wired in to your regular electrical service, so it doesn’t rely on batteries to operate. It stores the video it takes in the Cloud, so even if the camera is removed or destroyed, the video will remain. You can control its functions with an easy to use app, and the real time footage can be viewed on your smartphone. There is even a microphone to warn intruders that you are watching them, or to tell them to leave. You are essentially getting commercial intruder protection at a consumer price

The unit and the continuing subscription prices are expensive, and not everyone is going to be able to afford it. That being said, what price is worth the cost of security for your house, home, apartment or business? That’s the ultimate question.

See Nest Cam in action

Security in the Cloud

The Nest Cam is a do-it-yourself security system that lets you monitor and record what is happening when you are away. If you don’t want to subscribe to an outside security company, and like the idea of having total control of your own video security system, the Nest Cam gives you that choice 24 hours of each and every day.