R.I.P. Cubic Mini Wood Stove

I love our cubic mini grizzly, however, this little guy is way to small to heat our 320 sqft house let alone the 400sqft it is advertised to heat.
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Since its winter, we can not afford to be cold in our tiny house and it is simply unsafe when temperatures are way below freezing and wind chills in the negatives. We have tried to make this wood stove work for our application but after weeks of problem-solving, it has become apparent this stove will not sufficiently heat much above 300, let alone the 400 square feet it is advertised to do. We do highly recommend this stove if your place is under 250 square feet like a cargo trailer, RV, tiny house on wheels, or van! For us, however, we are looking into Lopi, Morso, and Jotul for larger wood stove options to keep us snug. Using a BTU calculator is also very helpful in sizing the perfect stove for your application so be sure to check this out- http://www.calculator.net/btu-calculator.html

We hope this video was helpful to you as you find your perfect wood stove to be self-sufficient during this brutally cold winter. Nothing is as comforting than to know you have sustainable heat for years to come when you find a quality made stove. Stay warm everyone!

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