Philips Hue White and Color E27 Starter Set

Lighting is the music for our eyes, and with the Phillips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit, your eyes are in for a real treat. At about $180.00, you’ll get 3 light bulbs, capable of 16 millions color combinations, and the electronic controls that sync up to your smart device.

Lights with a Brain

The Phillips Hue System uses intelligent apps like Apple Homekit, Nest and SmartThings among others, and it will even hook into an Alexa Voice Control application. You can makes these lights pulse to a disco beat, flash to the sound of explosions on TV, synchronize your lights to video games, or use a combination of white or colors to set the ambiance in any room.

Your smartphone or laptop is the control, and from there you’ll have almost an infinite number of lighting color combinations. Plus, the LED lights themselves have a 20 year lifespan.

Make no mistake about it, initially your eyes will be dazzled, at least until the newness wears off. After that, this may just become a mere party effect, with limited use, and it may be difficult to justify the cost. That’s for you to decide.

See Philips Hue White in action:

The LED lights themselves have a 20 year lifespan

Lighting for the Beat of Life

If you are a major party hound, enjoy interactive video games or just love to have a full immersive experience with sound to light conversion, there is no interactive and intelligent lighting system that does it better than this.