Mighty Quinn: October 13

“Does that Sirignano guy hate you for making his name synonymous with losing bets? Best to you, Tommy (Tiedye) McGuire, Staten Island.”

Mighty replied: “When I first told Matt (Sirignano) back in 1984 his name would appear in the NYDN just about every day, he was overjoyed. Now? Maybe not so much.”

“Dear Mighty. Remember when I wrote you that my Dad, Ben Cesare, was turning 90, and you wrote such a nice blurb with ‘Hail, Caesar’? Well, that was 5 years ago! Friday Oct. 13, 2017 he turns 95! So I looked up the 1922 calendar and he was also born on Friday the thirteenth! Must be something to that! Good Luck, perhaps? Anne Cesare Cimino.”

“Sunday, Oct. 15 is The Lovely Marianne (aka Wifey) and my one year anniversary. Can you just add a little line to wish her a happy one year anniversary? Thanks. Tommy Henry.”

Mighty was waiting on La.-Lafayette (-14 1/2) on Thursday and likes the Astros on Friday. The deficit is 850 sirignanos.

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