Joe Panik, Pablo Sandoval have contrasting record-setting nights as Giants finally win at Coors Field

DENVER – By clout or by drought, Joe Panik and Pablo Sandoval both scrawled their names into the Giants’ record books in an 11-3 victory Wednesday night.

First, the drought: Sandoval came off the bench, waggled his bat and rocked his weight forward. He was sitting on a streak of 36 hitless at-bats, matching the longest by a Giant since the franchise moved to Seals Stadium in 1958.

The streak belongs solely to the Panda now, and here was the most unexpected part of his pinch strikeout in the sixth inning against the Colorado Rockies: the player who spent a decade swinging at everything, whose eye-hand coordination knew no limitations, who could barrel up pitches at neck level or on his shoe tops or so far outside that a canoe paddle would serve him better, instead watched as the third strike popped into the catcher’s mitt.

Sandoval broke the franchise record that Johnnie LeMaster had so fittingly held since 1984. LeMaster was such a light-hitting infielder that he once wore “BOO” on the back of his jersey in response to heckling fans.

By extreme contrast, Panik conjured memories of a different name in franchise lore while setting a franchise record with 12 hits in a three-game series.

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