Installing Our Winter RVing Secret Weapon!

We’re spending the entire winter in a cold climate, but on a 30-amp site with no propane readily available. We’re installing a new secret weapon for winter RVing, heating only with electric power.

Even though we usually snowbird in the winter, there are lots of reasons that RVers don’t always head south when the temperatures drop. We want to be comfortable, and we’re installing a new mod for our rig that will make this a warm winter for us, even up North!

Check out our previous video, where we planned this all out and explained why & what we’re doing:

DeLonghi Convection Heater:
Space Heater, Digital:
Space Heater, Analog:
Kozy World Propane Heater:
Water Hose Heat Tape:
Drop/Utility Light:
60W Incandescent Bulb:
50-to-30-amp Adapter:
Heavy Duty Extension Cord:
Extend-a-Stay Propane Tee:
Propane Extension Hose:
15 PSI Propane Regulator:

Winter Secret Weapon Planning:
Zion NP Winter Camping:
RV Heating Options:
How to RV in the Winter:
A Quick RV Trip to the Cold:
Connecting to External Propane:
Propane Level Check w/o A Gauge:
RV Buried in 2 feet of Snow:
Giveaway Winners Announced:
Our Big $5,000 Giveaway:
RV Water Heater SURPRISE!:
We’re On The RV Show USA!:
Water Purification System Install:
Ruggable Washable Area Rugs:
Replacing Our RV’s Air Cleaner:
RV Tow Bar Update & Care:
Our New RV Cleaning Technique:
LevelMatePRO on a Towable RV:
Carefree Awning Replacement:
Boondocking Food Prep:
How To Replace An RV Faucet:
LED RV Headlight Upgrade:
Cheap RV Cabinet Door Repair:
Awning Privacy Panels:–CWOrU
RV Roof Leak & Water Damage:
Nighthawk Lighted RV Tow Bar:

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