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Hey, it’s Tony. Thank you for watching this Google Hangout video. Today, I’m going to show you how to repair dents with body filler.
I am going to do some sanding on the Mazda Miata using 80-grit sandpaper and DA sander. Then, fill all the dents. Make sure to wear a mask so you don’t breathe on the bondo dust.

I put circles around the dents using magic markers to mark what I need to fix. I’m not going to do PDR (Paintless Dent Removal). We’re going to sand down, skim coat and fill.

I have a big dent that I pulled out with a stud welder. The rest are small dents that we’ll sand down and fill up.

When working near door handles or chrome pieces, you can protect them by taping them up or pop the door open.

A can of bondo that hasn’t been used for a couple of months will have a glazed substance on top. You have to mix it well back into the filler until you get the nice, even consistency.

I’ve tried different types of bondo and it’s not really the type of bondo that makes the pinholes. I think you lessen the pinholes by the way you lay it and apply it.

Same thing for the hardener. You make sure to mix it up really well.

Make sure to clean your applicator really well. It should be smooth otherwise you’ll have marks when you lay your putty on.

You don’t want to mix up too much that you’ll end up wasting. Ideally, the mixture should be 6-8 drops of hardener for every golf ball size of bondo. You can also adjust your hardener and lessen it to give you more time to lay it on and shape it.

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