Best Way to Healthy Cooking – Handi/Earthen Pots

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Organic Cooking
“Smell of the earth in your hearth”
Best Way of Healthy Cooking – Use Earthen Pot (मिट्टी के वर्तन)
In our country, for thousands of years people have been cooking food in earthen pots which we call Handi. These Handis are made with soil and a different kind of glue to give it a smooth, non sticky & polished finish.There is one more variety of cooking pots known as Terracotta Handis.
Handi Cooking: Experience
• For the past 6 years, I have been cooking food in the Handis .
• The food prepared in Handi is tastier and healthier.
• It’s very easy and convenient to wash
• Once in every 15-20 days I keep these Handis in sunlight .

Handi Cooking: Benefits
• On a daily basis, an individual needs 18 types of Micronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Iron, Silicon, Cobalt, Gypsum and many more to maintain a healthy balance in our body.
• The food cooked in Handi contains maximum number of these Micronutrients.
• 97% of Micro-Nutrition value reserves in food cooked in Handi while it remains only 13% in other types of vessel cooking.
• Food cooked in Handi remain hot for longer hours because soil is a bad conductor of heat.
• Best alternative to non stick vessels.
• Handi caters as a healthy cooking and beautiful serving vessel.

Handi Cooking: Usage & Time Involved
• At the time of first use, please boil water & drain
• Basic principle of cooking in Handi is to soak all pulses and rice in water for an hour’s time.
• Handi can be used to set curd or boil milk for better taste.
• Vegetables, pulses and all kind of rice preparations can be done in Handi.
• Rice Items : Cooking Time – 10-15 minutes
• Pulses like Arhar, Moong, Urad, Masoor : Cooking Time :20-30 minutes
• Whole Pulses – Like Chhole, Rajma, Black Chaney, Malka : Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Handi Cooking: Source To Buy
• Please visit your nearest Kumhaar/ Pot Makers and ask them for cooking Handi (Pakki Mitti) or Teracotta Handi.
• For any query please contact me at

Lets Join Hands to make it a Revolution -In the previous generations, every kitchen had handis’s at least for boiling milk or setting curd. But these days, people are not aware of its benefits. As a result, millions of Kumhaars/ pot makers have lost their livelihood and so many of them are still losing it which has brought them on the verge of dying as they are unable to earn enough to sustain themselves. Let’s join hands together to buy at least on Handi for cooking so that Kumhaars/ pot makers can earn & we too stay healthy .



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