After assault caught on video, BART pledges probe, praises riders

Bay Area Rapid Transit officials said police are investigating in the wake of an assault captured on video aboard a train this week.

In a statement Tuesday evening, they acknowledged the incident after that video was shared online, but praised riders for specific actions during the incident.

Around 10:10 p.m. Monday, police dispatchers received three calls from riders aboard a Warm Springs-bound train.

When officers responded at the system’s Union City station, they found riders were not able to point out a man who had assaulted a seated rider with ugly slurs, threatening gestures and at least two punches before getting off the train.

In a Facebook post, BART said the video of the incident “captures an unfortunate, ugly scene. However, several things went right despite the belligerent and bigoted actions of one individual.”

BART singled out the victim’s even-handed response and praised riders for calling police right away, separating themselves from the suspect and speaking up without attacking him in response.

A Reddit user appeared to identify himself as the victim in a post Tuesday afternoon. The man who filmed the attack, South Bay resident Wiseley Wu, spoke with KRON-TV 4, saying he posted the video in hopes that people would learn from it.

In tweets responding to public questions about the incident, BART said they had heard the victim did not wish to press charges and hoped anyone who recognized the attacker would reach out.

BART police asked witnesses to the incident to call 510-464-7040, and said anyone with information who wished to remain anonymous could call 510-464-7011.

Contact George Kelly at 408-859-5180.

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