2017 Cyclone: 4 micron PRE-FILTER – No Filters

2018 Re-modelled https://youtu.be/e8mDBKtEWsw
Dust Collection is ALL ABOUT THE CYCLONE, heart of your collector. MORE EFFICIENT THE CYCLONE, MORE DIRT, PRE-FILTER, less for the Filter to catch.
How do you identify an EFFICIENT CYCLONE?
Simply ask the micron size that CYCLONE captures. PRE-FILTER, Not how much the filters stop.
with no filters connected.
A good cyclone should collect fine ground white flour PRE-FILTER, (aprox 6 microns)
Which is very small volume, in many places you may be able to vent externally, so no need for a filter at all.
If you must vent internally, having a quality Cyclone catching down to 4 micron , is a very small volume, and will massively extend your filter life, saving you thousands in filters.

For consumers to make informed decisions, we must have unbiased comparative information.
Who of us would be wasting valuable floor-space, $600 filters, if there were alternatives?

About Cyclones

– CYCLONE relies wholly on flow rate, Decreased flow rate = Less efficiency, less vacuum at pick-up point.
– Every Filter restricts flow, increasing with each second of operation.
Capture = Blocking = Restriction. .
More dirt = More Restriction = Less Flow = Decreased Efficiency
Ducting length, and size, both in & out = Restriction

Means possibly not requiring a filter all.
Extending filter life,
Less maintenance,
Reduced operating cost.

What is different about new cyclones? EVERYTHING
SMALL, COMPACT, EFFICIENT, FULL FLOW, no maintenance, NO FILTERS to clog, restrict flow.
Able to capture less than 4 micron PRE- FILTER without filters.
Smaller than many get with filters.
Filters are an expensive disposable, give them the best support/help, use the most efficient cyclone.
Check, what micron size the cyclone can achieve PRE-FILTER.

None I found could give me an answer. All brands, are using BIG, BULKY, IN-EFFICIENT, FILTER Destroyers. 100yr old technology. move on, demand new technology.

Good Dust collection is very important, and does not have to be expensive. You can get excellent results DIY, look at mine.
Build your OWN? Want some design ideas, advice? Ask, I will help if I can.
As time permits I try to add more info at www.rjbiz.com.au/dust



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