$10 bluetooth speaker, headphones and earbud set

$10 for this Wicked Audio bundle: a bluetooth speaker, closed headphones, and ear buds is pretty unbeatable.

You will not mind listening to or losing these headphones! Moderately bass-y and certainly good enough for airplane or automotive listening both these closed ear and in-ear buds are plenty better than I’d expect for $9 each, packaged together I’m totally impressed.

The speaker is a bit underpowered but is nice to have when you want a bluetooth speaker.

My kid loses headphones like they were sunglasses. I’ll likely order more than a few of these sets.

There is also an audio cable that technically makes this a 4pc bundle.

Wicked Audio The Triad 4 pc Set: Headphones, Ear Buds, Speaker & Audio Cable Limited via Amazon

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