Invest in your future today


Step One: Register and input your investment amount. Step Two: send bitcoin to wallet provided and wait for approval on your dashboard. Step Three: After 48 hours, check your own wallet for payments of double your investment. Then recycle to keep the platform strong.


1. CONSTANT 10% FROM REFERRALS:* TWICEMYCOIN however, gives you 10% as often as those you refer invest

2. NO GUIDERS:* The absence of guiders in twicemycoin means that you control and get returns for your own personal investments.

3. RANGE INVESTMENT AMOUNT:* In Twicemycoin when you invest and then Get double your coin after 48 hours you can only invest between 0.001bitcoinand 7.3 bitcoin You can either maintain that same amount you initially invested or you increase it but investment must not be above 7.3btc.

4. RE-COMMITMENT:* In twicemycoin, it is not mandatory to recycle but why shouldn't you? Who doesn't want to make more bitcoin? This makes the system work well because it ensures there's no shortage of people investing and of funds in the community. It therefore means that you can take away the returns on the money you gave while the initial amount you Provided with still remains in the system as a seed that will bring you more returns. It's a healthy practice both for the user and the twicemycoin community.

5. MORE STABLE AND DURABLE:* Twicemycoin is far more stable and designed to last a very long period of time. Rules and conditions have been put in place to ensure this.

6. MORE FORMAL AND BETTER ORGANIZED:* When you register on Twicemycoin, you via email with your login details and then when your investment is being doubled and sent to your wallet, you will also receive a notification via email. To keep you informed at all time.

7. SECURITY:* The security checks in Twicemycoin are much stronger. Once you have put in your walletdetails, you can no longer edit it without contacting support. Hence, you're encouraged to be careful when entering those details. This check makes it difficult for someone to just log into your account and steal your investment by changing your wallet details just before your doubled investment is sent